ABB launches digital platform for industrial asset management

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, November 23, 2023.

ABB has introduced ABB Ability™ SmartMaster , a comprehensive digital asset performance management platform designed for health verification and monitoring of instrumentation and field devices in various industries, including water, wastewater, chemical, oil and gas . .

SmartMaster allows instrument diagnostic data to be collected, analyzed and verified remotely, without interrupting ongoing measurement operations. This platform is compatible with a variety of instruments from ABB and other manufacturers, including flow meters, level meters, temperature and pressure sensors.

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Available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, SmartMaster delivers an overview of fleet status directly to customer phones, tablets and other devices. Addressing key challenges for industrial companies, such as managing a large number of instruments installed in a specific plant, SmartMaster is especially useful in facilities with hundreds or even thousands of devices, some of which may be located in hazardous or difficult-to-use areas. access.

“Plant operators are expected to increase efficiency and become more sustainable and, to do so, it is essential that each device, each instrument functions optimally in the industrial process ,” said Amina Hamidi, general manager of the business line. of instrumentation from ABB Measurement & Analytics.

With hundreds of field devices running in the background, it is impossible to achieve optimal performance without digital service technology. ABB Ability™ SmartMaster connects the physical and digital worlds, ensuring instruments operate optimally”.

The platform offers various opportunities to effectively upgrade and maintain devices. Through SmartMaster, plant operators can access data on instrument status and anticipate potential issues that could impact measurement performance or lead to unplanned downtime. This knowledge allows them to plan service, manage spare parts orders, and carry out device replacement efficiently.

SmartMaster presents information through visual analysis in the form of a calendar and an analytical report of failure scenarios. This solution is integrated into ABB Measurement & Analytics’ range of digital solutions, which facilitate optimized plant operations and include ABB Ability™ Smart Device Manager, ABB Ability™ Verification for measurement devices and ABB Ability™ SmartMaster.

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