Robotic arm printer launched for 3D construction

impresora de brazo robótico

RIC Technology , a company specializing in 3D construction technology, has presented its latest innovation during the World of Concrete (WOC) 2024 conference. The RIC-M1 PRO compact modular robotic arm printer is set to revolutionize the construction industry thanks to its advanced automation, larger work area and intelligent material delivery system.

Robotic arm printer: innovation in 3D construction

In response to the growing demand for more affordable homes, RIC-M1 PRO from RIC Technology redefines the rules in the 3D construction industry. Unlike conventional gantry-based systems, which can be expensive and time-consuming to set up, the RIC-M1 PRO presents a notable difference. Thanks to its compact and modular design, the robotic arm printer requires no assembly and can be ready for operation in just 2 to 4 hours once installed on site.

One of the key improvements introduced by RIC-M1 PRO is the expansion of print space. Thanks to the extended length of the modular rail system, RIC-M1 PRO offers the widest print range to date, with a print width of 21.65 feet, a print length of 42.65 feet, and a 14 ft. print height. This increase means that the areas available for printing now range from homeowners’ backyards to mountainous environments.

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Likewise, the advanced automation of RIC-M1 PRO reduces the need for skilled labor, going from three to two operators, which in turn improves productivity and reduces costs . Additionally, the training process has been reduced from 1-2 months to just 1-2 weeks. Likewise, RIC-M1 PRO incorporates a data recording system for real-time quality control, minimizing human errors and increasing printing quality.

Another important aspect is that the RIC-M1 PRO printer is equipped with an integrated self-charging aggregate mixing pump, allowing it to carry out printing with concrete or mortar. The ability to work with both materials provides greater flexibility and expands the areas in which the machine can make prints.

To highlight the enhanced features of the RIC-M1 PRO, RIC Technology held a live demonstration during the 50th annual World of Concrete conference. This event attracted around 60,000 visitors from all over the world.

RIC-M1 PRO is a big step forward in equipping the 3D construction industry to build more affordable homes ,” said Ziyou Xu, Founder and CEO of RIC Technology.

Thanks to its cost-effective technology that optimizes time and reduces the need for labor, RIC-M1 PRO is ready to revolutionize the 3D construction industry and contribute to mitigating the global housing shortage.

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