Waygate Technologies’ inspection crawler at API Summit 2024

Waygate Technologies' cutting-edge robotics for industrial inspection, as explained by Christopher Jones, from tethered inspection crawlers to high-powered visual cameras and digital twins, Waygate is transforming inspection processes for enhanced safety and precision.

At the forefront of industrial inspection, Waygate Technologies introduces groundbreaking robotics technology, as Christopher Jones, a key figure in Robotics Inspection Equipment Sales, elucidates. Operating from Zurich, Switzerland, a notable hub for robotics innovation, Waygate Technologies is setting new standards in safety and efficiency for inspections.

A Leap in Inspection Safety and Precision

The introduction of tethered inspection robots by Waygate Technologies marks a significant advancement in the field. These robots, designed to enter confined spaces that pose risks to human inspectors, are controlled remotely, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. The tethering not only ensures a reliable power source but also secures data transmission and provides a retrieval method in emergency situations.

Dual Functionality for Comprehensive Inspection

Waygate Technologies’ inspection crawler is equipped to perform both visual inspections (VT) and ultrasonic thickness measurements (UT), with the capability to attach various sensors based on specific customer requirements. This versatility allows for a broad spectrum of inspection activities without the need for direct human intervention in potentially hazardous environments.

Enhanced Visual Inspection Capabilities

In addition to the crawler, Waygate Technologies offers a high-powered visual inspection camera capable of identifying defects and cracks with far greater accuracy than the human eye. This tool enables inspectors to conduct thorough examinations from safe distances, improving both the quality of data collected and the safety of the inspection process.

Digital Twinning: The Future of Inspection

A standout feature of Waygate Technologies’ approach is the use of digital twins to represent inspected vessels. This technology not only facilitates precise navigation and data collection by the robotic crawler but also allows for the monitoring of changes over time. Inspectors can revisit exact points in subsequent inspections, providing a reliable measure of degradation or wear.

Christopher Jones from Waygate Technologies at API Summit 2024

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