Ensuring Furnace Safety and Efficiency: Innovative Technologies from Becht Fired Heater Services


Becht Fired Heater Services

A division of Becht that specializes in the service of fired heaters, is proud to use innovative technologies to ensure accurate measurement of furnace tube temperature.

Two key instruments are:

1. Gold Contact Probe: This highly precise tool makes physical contact with the furnace tube and provides the most precise temperature reading.

2. Miniature Boroscope Camera: This camera offers unique viewing angles inside heaters, helping identify potential problems and improving overall safety.

These tools, along with others, are used in conjunction to give Becht clients a comprehensive understanding of their furnace health, preventing costly downtime and potential safety hazards.

“At Becht, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service,” said Grant Jacobson, Fired Heater Services Division Manager at Becht. “By using innovative technologies like the gold contact probe and the miniature boroscopio camera, we can ensure that furnace tube temperature is measured accurately, helping to prevent costly failures and ensure the safety of our clients.”

For more information on Becht Fired Heater Services and its innovative technologies, visit https://becht.com/plant-services/fired-heater/

Becht Fired Heater Services

PHOTO CAPTION: Becht brings a full suite of expertise to improve fired heater operations through field-based assessments and remote analysis.

📷 Courtesy: Becht


Becht Fired Heater Services, a division of Becht specializing in fired heater service, prides itself on using innovative technologies to ensure accurate furnace tube temperature measurement.

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