Olivier International’s GC Laser at API Summit 2024

Olivier International is revolutionizing industrial cleaning with the GC laser, the world's most potent portable laser, as shared by VP Joseph Vanderpool. From art restoration to metal de-rusting, discover how this technology offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

At the recent API Summit, we had the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Vanderpool, VP of Laser & Compliance Services at Olivier International. The company, known for its mechanical integrity and inspection services, has caught the industry’s eye with its Synexis BioDefense units and distribution of GC lasers. Vanderpool shared insights into the world’s most powerful portable laser, the GC laser, and its applications ranging from fine art cleaning to heavy metal de-rusting.

The GC Laser: A Game-Changer in Portable Cleaning Solutions

The GC laser is the strongest portable laser made in the world, operating on 300 watts of power and is infinitely adjustable,” Vanderpool explained.

This versatility allows for delicate art restoration to robust metal cleaning, showcasing the laser’s adaptability across various applications. The unit’s portability, weighing just 90 pounds and measuring 16.5 inches in width, enables usage in confined spaces, expanding its utility beyond traditional settings.

Live Demonstration Highlights

During a live demo, Vanderpool demonstrated the laser’s efficiency in removing rust from metal plates without significant heat transfer, a testament to the GC laser’s patented design. This practical showcase not only highlighted the machine’s capabilities but also its ease of use, even for first-time operators.

Connecting with Olivier International

Olivier International offers the GC laser both as a product and a service, catering to clients worldwide. For more information or to see the laser in action, interested parties can visit the Olivier International stand, their website at gclasers.com, or oi.expert.

Joseph Vanderpool from Olivier International at API Summit 2024

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