Eddyfi Technologies: Spearheading AI in NDT at API Summit

At the API Summit, Zeki Gokce from Eddyfi Technologies shared insights into their AI-integrated tube inspection systems, reflecting the company's innovative approach in NDT. Eddyfi stands out in the NDT industry for its focus on AI applications and future vision.

At the recent API Summit in San Antonio, we had the unique opportunity to engage with Zeki Gokce, Director of Technical Sales at Eddyfi Technologies. Renowned for their innovative approach in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Eddyfi Technologies stands out in a rapidly evolving industry. Gokce, a familiar face at Inspenet, shared valuable insights into the company’s latest developments and their vision for the future.

Innovative AI Applications in Tube Inspection

Eddyfi Technologies has made significant strides in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their tube inspection systems.

Tube inspection can be complex and challenging,” Gokce explained. “Our AI-powered system assists in analyzing data and provides essential pointers, simplifying the process.

Expanding Horizons and Employment Opportunities

The growth trajectory of Eddyfi Technologies is evident, not just in their technological advancements but also in their expanding team. “We are actively hiring technical sales specialists in Houston,” Gokce mentioned, highlighting the company’s healthy growth and commitment to building a strong, skilled team.

Anticipation for ASNT and Future Innovations

With the major ASNT show on the horizon, Eddyfi Technologies promises to be a highlight. Gokce hinted at exciting developments:

We have big plans for ASNT in Las Vegas. While I can’t reveal much, expect to see new and innovative offerings from us.

A Showcase of Cutting-Edge Products

Gokce gave us a tour of Eddyfi’s standout products, including the AI-integrated Ectane 3, their latest addition. “It’s a significant upgrade from Ectane 2, with unique capabilities,” he said, showcasing Eddyfi’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Eddyfi Technologies remains a beacon of advancement in the NDT industry, with a keen focus on AI applications and a strong vision for the future. For more information, visit their website or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Zeki Gokce from Eddyfi Technologies at API Summit 2024

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