Drone Magnetometer Tech from Skipper NDT at API Summit 2024

Skipper NDT's "Ghost Platform" technology, presented at the API Summit, uses drones with magnetometers to map the subsurface in 3D. It allows detecting pipelines and other assets up to 15 meters deep with high accuracy. It is applied in pipeline inspection and abandoned well location, expanding in North America and collaborating with operators for data analysis and reporting.

At the API Summit, we spoke with Josh Pendleton, VP of Sales at Skipper NDT, about their innovative drone-based magnetometer technology, known as the “ghost platform“. This technology represents a significant leap in locating and mapping below-ground infrastructure.

The “Ghost Platform”: A Technological Breakthrough

The “ghost platform” by Skipper NDT is a groundbreaking approach to subsurface mapping. “Our drone-based magnetometer array can detect ferromagnetic materials and create a detailed 3D XYZ map,” Josh explained. This technology is invaluable for operators needing precise information on pipeline locations and movements.

Depth Penetration and Accuracy

Josh emphasized the platform’s capability to penetrate up to 50 feet (15 meters) without compromising accuracy. This depth and precision are crucial for various applications, particularly in challenging environments like river crossings and abandoned asset locations.

Real-World Applications and Impact

The “Ghost platform” has been instrumental in several key projects. One notable application is in inspecting pipelines under river crossings, assessing the riverbed’s impact on pipeline stability. Another significant use case involved locating abandoned oil wells, aiding operators in ensuring their records’ accuracy.

Collaboration and Service Delivery

Skipper NDT collaborates with owner-operators and service providers, offering their technology and expertise in data analysis and reporting. This collaborative approach allows for a flexible and comprehensive service tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Expanding Global Presence

Though based in Paris, Skipper NDT is actively expanding into the North American market, with personnel and equipment in Calgary and Montreal. They also work with partner firms to provide field services, indicating a growing global footprint.

Josh Pendleton from skipper ndt at api summit 2024

The website: http://skipperndt.com/en/home/

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