ASINT’s Industry Standards with SAP Integration at API Summit 2024

At the API Summit, ASINT's Rohan Patel highlighted how his company innovates in the oil and gas industry with SAP-based solutions, focusing on mechanical integrity, and adapts to various sectors, even expanding into the semiconductor industry.

At the API Summit in San Antonio, we had the opportunity to speak with Rohan Patel, the innovative mind behind ASINT. As the founder and CEO, Rohan shared insights into how ASINT is revolutionizing the oil and gas industry with its unique SAP-based solutions.

Unique SAP Integration by ASINT

ASINT stands out at the API Summit as a unique vendor, specializing in developing solutions within SAP systems. “Our focus is on mechanical integrity within SAP, offering better, faster, and more productive results,” Rohan explained. This approach meets the industry’s widespread adoption of SAP systems, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency.

Versatile Application Across the Industry

Addressing the system’s versatility, Rohan confirmed that ASINT’s solution is designed for upstream, downstream, and midstream sectors. Its configurable model allows for easy adaptation across various systems, catering to the diverse needs of the industry.

Expanding Beyond Traditional Boundaries

ASINT is not limited to the oil and gas sector. Rohan highlighted their expansion into the semiconductor industry, adapting their inspection and data-driven solutions to meet the unique demands of this sector. This versatility showcases ASINT’s ability to innovate and apply its technology across different industries.

Global Reach from Houston

Based in Houston, Texas, ASINT has a global presence, supporting clients from New Zealand to Romania and throughout North America. “Our software transcends geographical and language barriers, thanks to the universality of SAP,” said Rohan.

Connecting with ASINT

For those interested in ASINT’s innovative solutions, Rohan invites them to visit their website at or contact them via email at

Rohan Patel from ASINT at API Summit 2024

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