Amerapex at API Summit: From Military Precision to Oil & Gas Excellence

Amerapex offers comprehensive services in hydroblasting, tank cleaning, coatings, and inspection work. With a global presence in countries like Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, they emphasize their international capabilities.

From the API Summit, we had the opportunity to converse with Larry Marks, Vice President of the Asset Integrity Division at Amerapex Corporation. Our discussion centered around Amerapex’s comprehensive services, their global presence, and their commitment to building strong relationships in the industry.

A Full-Service Provider with Global Operations

Amerapex offers a wide range of services, including hydroblasting, tank cleaning, coatings, and extensive inspection work. “We are a turn key company that provides comprehensive services across the board,” Larry mentioned. Their global footprint extends to offices in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, work in Africa, the United States, and Canada, emphasizing their international capabilities.

Commitment to Veterans and Networking at API Summit

As a platinum sponsor of the API Summit, Amerapex showcases its support for veterans, a key aspect of the company’s ethos. “We’re a veteran-supporting company, and networking here is crucial,” Larry explained. The summit provides a platform for connecting with clients, understanding industry trends, and fostering relationships beyond mere business transactions.

Military Precision in the Oil and Gas Industry

An impressive 65% to 70% of Amerapex’s manpower consists of former military personnel. The skills and discipline acquired in the armed services, such as punctuality, efficiency, risk analysis, and attention to detail, translate seamlessly into the oil and gas industry’s demands. Larry, with 20 years of military reserve experience, actively facilitates the transition of military personnel into the industry.

Building Relationships Beyond Business

For Amerapex, the API Summit is more than a business event; it’s an opportunity to deepen relationships with clients. “It’s not all about business. We aim to be strategic partners and friends in the industry,” Larry emphasized. This approach reflects their commitment to delivering quality services while fostering lasting partnerships.

Larry Marks from Amerapex at API Summit 2024

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