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Zerust Oil and Gas at LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023: committed to corrosion prevention

Inspenet, November 8, 2023.

During coverage of the LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 Conference, the Inspenet team spoke with Felipe Gagliardo Scheidl, representative of Zerust Oil and Gas , a company committed to preventing corrosion in the oil and gas market.

During the interview, Felipe shared valuable information about the products and services they offer, as well as his expectations for the coming year.

Zerust Oil and Gas has been operating in the oil and gas market for almost 18 years , offering a wide range of solutions aimed at asset preservation. Their products focus on corrosion prevention and include solutions for the preservation of flanged joints, protection systems for devices, tank bottoms, pipe lines and more.

These solutions are based on volatile and contact inhibitors, ensuring effective protection against corrosion in different environments.

Regarding expectations for 2024, Felipe Gagliardo Scheidl highlighted the growing importance of the integrity and preservation of assets in the Brazilian oil and gas market. Zerust Oil and Gas plans to deploy its preservation program in at least 11 offshore units , in collaboration with important players in the sector such as Petrobras, Modec, SBM and others. This approach reflects the industry’s evolution toward a greater commitment to asset protection and corrosion prevention.

Likewise, the LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 Conference received praise from Felipe, who highlighted the quality of the materials and exhibitors presented. In addition, he emphasized the importance of the community that meets at the event, with a common goal of offering solutions against corrosion and enriching the market with innovative proposals.

Zerust Oil and Gas positions itself as a leader in corrosion prevention and is proud of its contribution to the growth and integrity of the oil and gas industry. The company looks forward to a future of continued success and collaboration in the fight against corrosion.

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