ZeroAvia flies the world’s largest aircraft powered by a hydrogen electric engine

Inspenet, January 25, 2023

The largest aircraft currently equipped with a hydrogen electric engine made its maiden flight, making aviation history.

This 19-passenger Dornier 228 was originally a kerosene-powered turboprop, but was modified by ZeroAvia, installing a hydrogen-fuelled electric motor. According to reports from the Aeroin media, it took off for the first time at the British Cotswold airport and has flown for 10 minutes without problems.

The left engine is equipped with the new engine developed by ZeroAvia, while the right retains the Honeywell TPE-331, original to the Dornier 228.

The model is expected to undergo certification later this year and be completed by 2025. The new engine produces 2 megawatts, it is expected to reach an engine with 5 MW generated, being able to equip larger planes that carry up to 90 passengers.

This is the second aircraft to fly with the ZeroAvia project, the first was in 2021 with the Piper Malibu single-engine turboprop that carries up to 6 people and made a total of 30 flights with a hydrogen engine that produces 250 kilowatts of power.

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Photo : ZeroAvia

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