YPF offers jobs for professionals and internships in Argentina

Inspenet, February 24, 2023

The Argentine company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales (YPF) is looking for professionals with and without previous experience. In addition, they will maintain their student internship program.

The jobs offered by YPF are:

– Manager HUB midstream gas center.

– Record analyst and contracted personal control.

– Participated management analyst.

– Specialist engineer in digital reservoir.

– Maintenance engineer.

– Leader in supplies.

– Management support analyst.

– Transportation and hoisting coordinator.

– Lawyer.

– Strategy and innovation analyst.

– Strategic planning leader.

– Leader of new businesses.

– Leader of innovation and agility.

– Supplier sustainable development consultant.

To apply, you must enter the page: https://career8.successfactors.com/career?company=YPFP&career_ns=job_listing_summary&navBarLevel=JOB_SEARCH&_s.crb=cqlL5oHsWBXL0LX5WREeG7Ktzoo%3d , choose the position to apply, create a user and complete the form with data Personal information, CV, experience in previous jobs and studies. Remember that offers may vary throughout the day.

In the internship program, YPF offers practices that consist of a 12-month apprenticeship that is combined with training to nurture the professional profile of the participants. The requirements are:

– Be a regular student of a university, in the careers of Engineering, Economic Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology and Geosciences.

– Have 75% of the degree approved and with more than a year and a half pending to receive you.

– Be up to 26 years of age.

– Reside geographically in the locations where YPF has operations.

For more information, go to: https://trabajar.ypf.com/pasantias.html

For recently graduated professionals who do not have experience, YPF offers the Young Professionals program. It starts in June and lasts for 9 months, with subsequent assignment to a specific position and under effective contract from the beginning of the experience in the program.

The only requirements are:

– Be available to travel and/or relocate to one of the geographical areas where they have operations.

– Be a recent university graduate of the careers required in the development paths.

To apply, you must enter this page, create a user and complete a form. Page: https://trabajar.ypf.com/jovenes-profesionales.html

Source and photo : https://www.losandes.com.ar/empleos/ypf-ofrece-puestos-de-trabajo-y-pasantias-en-argentina-que-empleos-hay-y-como-aplicar/

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