Xiaomi launched its first electric car

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automóvil eléctrico

Xiaomi has revealed its foray into the automotive industry with the launch of the SU7 , its first electric car model. This strategic step seeks to establish Xiaomi as a prominent automobile brand in the next 15 to 20 years, competing directly with industry leaders such as Porsche and Tesla.

The company has committed a considerable investment of more than 10 billion dollars in this new project, with the ambitious goal of transforming the transportation sector. The SU7 model offers two variants: basic and Max; both equipped with batteries supplied by leading Chinese companies in the market, BYD and Contemporary Amperex Technology, depending on the choice of single or dual motor.

SU7: A promising electric car

Beyond its power, a highlight of the SU7 is its remarkable autonomy, reaching approximately 670 km on a single charge for the standard variant and an impressive figure of 800 km for the top-of-the-range edition.

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In terms of performance, the SU7 Max is presented as a high-power vehicle, incorporating two engines that generate a total power of 673 horsepower and a maximum speed of 265 km/h. For its part, the standard version is not far behind, with an engine on the rear axle that produces 300 horsepower and a maximum speed of 210 km/h.

Xiaomi demonstrates strong determination not only by entering the automotive market, but by doing so with considerable impact. Through substantial investment and a commitment to the quality and performance of its electric vehicles, the company aims to establish itself among the leading players in the industry.

In this context, the SU7 is not only presented as an electric car, but as the manifestation of Xiaomi’s vision of creating a dream vehicle that competes with the standards set by recognized brands such as Porsche and Tesla.

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