World Energy Efficiency Day: how to optimize energy consumption?

Inspenet, March 3, 2023

World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated on March 5, with the aim of reflecting and raising awareness of the importance of the rational use of energy.

The date was proclaimed at an International Conference held in Austria in 1998, where the importance of caring, making conscious and responsible use of energy was agreed. As well as creating strategies to expand energy diversification through other sources such as renewable energy and the reduction of fossil fuels.

To make efficient use of energy, it is recommended at home or business:

  • Use energy saving light bulbs (LED).
  • Avoid leaving lights on if they are not being used.
  • Do not leave mobile phone chargers in the socket.
  • Wash and iron the clothes, if possible in one go and thus save more energy.
  • Turn off all those equipment that you are not using, computers, televisions, etc.
  • Make the most of natural light in our daily activities and thus avoid the excessive use of artificial light.
  • Reduce the use of our vehicles and opt for other means of transportation.
  • Use more the fan instead of the air conditioner.

There are different ways to save energy, start by making your home and business a sustainable place, minimizing energy consumption.

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