What are ultrasonic tests? Versa experts apply them

Inspenet, April 14, 2023

Ultrasonic testing is the use of sound waves to determine the integrity, material properties, weld quality thickness and continuity of an applicable material.

In a human ultrasound, a doctor covers the surface of a woman’s abdomen to capture an image of the baby using sound waves. In the same way, we capture the entire history of metal through ultrasonic sound waves.

At Versa Integrity Group, Inc. They specialize in Phased Array, Shear Wave, Dissimilar Metals, Thickness, Guided Waves, and AUT Corrosion Mapping. Versa is one of the few companies in the world qualified in dissimilar metals.

Their ultrasonic testing experts strictly follow AWS D1.1, Section VIII, ASME B31.3, API 1104 and RP2X codes to provide the highest quality service.

Shear wave testing

Shear Wave Testing is the angular generation of ultrasonic waves to detect flaws or discontinuities in positions, other than parallel, with the sound input surface. They use the Shear Wave in the inspection of AWS and ASME welds. Versa employs the best qualified ACCP and PCN technicians to perform Shear Wave testing.

Versa Integrity Group, Inc. is an industrial services provider that provides a wide range of specialized services related to the maintenance, inspection and construction of mechanical and piping systems. To learn more about the services offered by Versa Integrity Group, visit their website: https://www.versaintegrity.com/

Source : https://www.versaintegrity.com/services/ndt-services/ultrasonic-thickness/

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