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gestión de residuos en España

Inspenet, December 26, 2023.

The “Online Container” initiative represents the first completely digital platform launched in Spain with the purpose of simplifying the waste management process for small and medium-sized companies.

This project, developed by PreZero Spain, a company specialized in environmental solutions, began its implementation in Aragon, Extremadura and Asturias and will expand to the rest of the peninsula between October 2024 and the same month of 2025. The third phase will take place in the Canary and Balearic Islands starting in October 2025.

Advances in waste management

According to Pablo Caballero, Industrial Business Director of PreZero Spain, this web tool, considered a pioneer in Spain, represents a significant advance in the exploration of circular solutions that allow companies’ waste to be given a second life in a sustainable, fast and efficient way. .

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“The user can select through five steps all the information about the circularity of their waste, with parameters such as the type of packaging, the service to be contracted, the frequency of delivery and collection of the waste and even the address and orientation of the own container .”

Likewise, Caballero highlighted various advantages of this service, among which he mentioned the competitiveness of a price that is easy to calculate on the platform. Users have the possibility of obtaining income from recovered waste, which will be detailed in the invoice. He also pointed out the immediacy of the solution, since the activity is carried out within a period of between 24 and 48 hours from when the online request is made, regardless of the service contracted.

Online Container allows the client to have all the information in real time and the documentation of the contracted service, whether it is the contract for treatment services, identification documents or delivery notes ,” added the Industrial Business Director of PreZero Spain.

According to Caballero, this container rental platform exemplifies how technology must be aligned with the circular economy strategies that companies are implementing to advance their sustainability goals. Until September, according to the data provided in the monthly report “SME Figures” of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Spain has a total of 2,928,410 small and medium-sized companies, which represents an increase of 0.56% in compared to the previous month.

Why is waste management important?

Waste management is an essential component for the preservation of the environment and public health. As the world’s population grows, waste production also increases, posing significant challenges.

Efficient waste management involves source reduction, reuse and recycling, thus minimizing the amount of waste destined for landfills. Improper disposal of waste can generate soil, water and air pollution, negatively affecting biodiversity and contributing to climate change.

Additionally, certain waste, such as plastics and chemicals, can persist in the environment for long periods, exacerbating long-term problems. Society’s awareness and active participation are crucial to implementing sustainable waste management practices. Taking a responsible approach to waste not only preserves our natural resources, but also promotes a healthy and equitable environment for future generations.

Notably, technology plays a critical role in waste management, providing innovative solutions to address the challenges associated with the increasing amount of waste generated. Technological advances have facilitated the identification and efficient classification of waste, allowing better management of recycling processes.

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