Water resource is essential for electricity generation in Peru

Inspenet, March 30, 2023

Within the framework of World Water Day, which is celebrated on March 22 of each year, the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) of Peru , highlights that this important resource, indispensable for humanity, is the main component and responsible for the most of the electricity generation.

The report “Main indicators of the electricity sector at the national level”, prepared by the General Directorate of Electricity of MINEM, with preliminary figures for the month of February, indicates that the hydroelectric plants produced 3,307 gigawatt hours (GWh) in that month, which represents about 63% of the national total; and in the accumulated up to the second month of the year they represent 59% of what is generated in the country.

Then continue the thermal units that use natural gas and that registered 1,538 GWh; and later the generation with non-conventional renewable energy resources (RER) (solar, wind, bagasse and biogas), which in the first month of the year accumulated a production of 201 GWh.

Hydroelectric power

It should be noted that hydroelectric energy is a source of renewable energy that is produced by taking advantage of the water that runs through the rivers of the capital and the interior, through the construction of dams, and in Peru the generation of electricity with this vital resource is important to bring continuous and efficient electricity to millions of families in different regions.

Among the main hydroelectric plants operating in the country, we can mention the Mantaro Hydropower Complex, the largest in Peru, located in Huancavelica; the Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant, in the Huánuco region; The Cañón del Pato hydroelectric power station, in Ancash, among others.

Source : https://www.rumbominero.com/peru/agua-generacion-de-electricidad/

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