Volcan launches new CleanWork environmental management system

Inspenet, April 16, 2023 Volcan Compañía Minera, one of the main producers of zinc, lead and silver in Peru and the world, presented its new environmental management system called CleanWork or TrabajoLimpio, which establishes a methodological framework based on environmental risk management.


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Inspenet, April 16, 2023

Volcan Compañía Minera , one of the main producers of zinc, lead and silver in Peru and the world, presented its new environmental management system called CleanWork or TrabajoLimpio, which establishes a methodological framework based on environmental risk management.

This initiative has nine elements that are aligned with the performance expectations of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard.

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CleanWork is a tool that seeks to standardize the company’s good environmental practices, strengthen the environmental culture and enrich a sustainable business model.

“The world is heading towards sustainability. At Volcan and the formal mining industry we are committed to developing initiatives that focus on caring for our socio-environmental environment and the future of the following generations. CleanWork represents a milestone in environmental matters for the company and this is just the beginning,” said Carlos Francisco Fernández, General Manager of Volcan, during the presentation.

Presentation of the CleanWork initiative

The heart of CleanWork lies in two fundamental elements: the Environmental Hazard Protocols that will focus on the main environmental risks to which the company is exposed and the Environmental Responsibility Behaviors, aimed at all Volcan employees that will contribute to strengthening the culture of prevention and awareness about actions that could have impacts on the environment.

“CleanWork had as a starting point the good experience of the company with the Safe Work program, which has allowed Volcan to considerably reduce the rate of fatal accidents in the last three years,” said Jorge De Olazábal, Corporate Manager of Environmental Affairs and Volcan Tailings Management.

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Volcan launches new CleanWork environmental management system

Volcan’s CleanWork Initiative Aims to Reduce Accident Rate

“This is how we took the Safe Work methodology and adapted it to the environmental field, in order to establish a framework that allows us to establish priorities, anticipate and act in an organized manner in environmental management,” said De Olazábal.

Finally, the Volcan executive specified that “the work and commitment of each employee, as well as teamwork and the involvement of the company’s leaders are of the utmost importance for the success of CleanWork.”

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New CleanWork system has 9 elements

The 9 elements of CleanWork

1. Environmental Leadership : Company leaders must ensure that environmental policies and objectives are established.

2. Risk Management : Identify the danger to assess the risk and determine effective controls for the protection of the environment.

3. Environmental Strategic Planning : It is a continuous process, focused on the management of strategies, objectives and indicators whose purpose is to define the route to implement CleanWork, successfully.

4. Environmental Hazard Protocols and Environmental Standards : They establish the specific minimum and mandatory requirements to manage Environmental Hazards.

5. Environmental Responsibility Behaviors : Guidelines addressed to all collaborators with the aim of preventing and raising awareness about behaviors that could generate impacts on the environment.

6. Environmental Operational Control – An essential set of environmental operational control tools and processes that have proven to be highly effective in identifying and managing environmental hazards in the operation.

7. Report and Environmental Communication : Establish internal and external communication processes, on the results of environmental performance, plans, objectives, environmental incident reporting and results of environmental indicators.

8. Assurance of Environmental Compliance : Achieve solid assurance processes for the performance of the CleanWork that provide key tools for the mining units of the company in order to monitor, measure, evaluate and follow-up.

9. Critical Analysis of Results. Continuous Improvement: Analysis that allows to evaluate the results achieved by the CleanWork with a focus on continuous improvement, helps to identify, correct and eliminate errors in the process.

Source and Photos : https://www.rumbominero.com/peru/noticias/mineria/volcan-cleanwork/ – https://www.volcan.com.pe/https://www.volcan.com.pe/ launch_of_cleanwork/

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