They carry out a video surveillance test with drones in the port of Valencia

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Inspenet, November 4, 2023.

A video surveillance pilot test has been carried out in the port of Valencia, which is part of the Passport project , an initiative conceived with the purpose of strengthening the security of European ports through the application of cutting-edge drone technology.

For the past two years, this project has been in development with the goal of transforming the way security is monitored and ensured in port areas, while complementing traditional navigation systems.

The figure behind the video surveillance test

The Valenciaport Foundation has been in charge of organizing this pilot test in collaboration with several technology companies, including Eurecat, GMV, Sistematica, Topview and Deep Blue. These companies are committed to demonstrating the potential of aerial vehicles as a fundamental tool to safeguard security at ports. The essence of this project lies in the use of aerial and underwater drones to collect data and provide a real-time representation of maritime traffic .

During the test, the drones have demonstrated “ their ability to identify various types of vessels, from cruise ships and container ships to floating objects such as buoys and small pleasure boats, which lack an automatic identification system ,” as explained by the Valenciaport Foundation. These unmanned aerial vehicles will collaborate in the training of artificial intelligence algorithms with the purpose of raising safety standards and more effectively controlling the flow of traffic in ports.

To carry out this work, various technologies have been applied that include visual cameras with 360-degree capacity and thermal cameras, inertial sensors and GNSS receivers. According to the Valenciaport Foundation, updated information on traffic activity in port areas will be provided through the Passport system, which will facilitate more accurate decision-making and allow efficient planning of risk prevention measures.

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