Vector Engineering International has specialized services in engineering and design of industrial plants

Inspenet, January 26, 2023

Vector Engineering International, SA de CV, a Mexican company with extensive experience, offers specialized services for the construction, energy and industrial transformation sectors.

Among the services it offers, is the engineering and design of industrial plants. In the area of industrial design, they specialize in carrying out basic and detailed engineering, processes, pressure vessels, process piping, transport pipelines, storage tanks, instrumentation and control, security systems (gas and fire, unemployment emergency, fire fighting) and environmental.

They also carry out surveying and updating of plans, with preparation of general arrangement plans for static equipment, point cloud survey of large structures, general location plans, piping and instrumentation diagrams, plans for security systems and fire networks.

It has a team of experienced professionals who use the latest technology in on-site data collection, technological packages, and laser scanners to generate high-definition point clouds.

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Source : Vector Engineering International Service Catalog

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