Unprecedented success at one of the world’s biggest corrosion events

Inspenet, March 21, 2023

From the AMPP 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition , which is taking place in Denver, USA, from Sunday to Thursday, March 23, which brings together professionals from the world of corrosion. Inspenet, a technical platform for the energy sector, had the opportunity to exclusively interview Eng. José Sirera, Senior Manager Latin American Area AMPP.

For Sirera, this year, the AMPP Annual Conference has had an unprecedented success, “We are once again at the opening of the conference, which is one of the largest events in the world for corrosion and protection of materials and, as always, a very successful event. , with more participants than last year, from all over the world”.

And he added: “This is the result of structured and team work. We also have to thank our sponsors who trust our work and who also benefit from participating in our event. This is an event in which the 6,000 participants and the companies all win”.

Finally, Sirera indicated that the people who participate in the event are professionals and technicians who have knowledge and interest in the topic of corrosion and protection of materials.

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Source and Photo : Inspenet
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