Trinidad and Tobago hires two companies to tackle oil spill

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Trinidad y Tobago derrame petrolero empresas

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has taken decisive action by contracting with specialist remediation and salvage firms T&T Salvage LLC y QT Environmental address an ongoing oil spill near Tobago and to undertake the salvage of a barge that has been leaking oil.

This incident, which was detected almost two weeks ago when the vessel ran aground on a reef off the Atlantic coast of Tobago, has raised significant environmental concerns, spreading the threat of pollution to other countries.

It is worth noting that the country’s Ministry of Energy has informed that these organizations, both with recognized experience in oil spill management, will be in charge of the recovery of spilled oiland the planning and execution of the removal of cargo and wreckage.

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The barge, which was being towed at the time of the incident, contained up to 35,000 barrels of fuel oil, Tobago authorities have said.

The current situation in Trinidad and Tobago

The situation has led to the closure of sea access at several of Tobago’s resorts, which are popular with international visitors, and containment booms have been put in place to protect the Scarborough cruise port from the spill. Energy Minister Stuart Young has told Parliament of the government’s efforts to identify the owners of the barge and has mentioned sending diplomatic notes to Panama, Aruba and Guyana, as it is believed that the barge was being towed from Panama to Guyana, via Aruba, at the time of its sinking.

This incident underscores the critical importance of spill prevention and emergency preparedness in the maritime and oil industry. It highlights the need for closer international cooperation and stricter regulations to ensure the safety of maritime operations and the protection of the marine environment. Trinidad and Tobago’s swift and effective response serves as a reminder of our shared responsibility for the preservation of our oceans.

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