TransPod advances in the manufacture of magnetic levitation bullet train

Inspenet, January 18, 2023

The Canadian company TransPod is building a bullet train capable of reaching a top speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour. This is FluxJet, a hybrid between an airplane and a train that is based on revolutionary innovations in propulsion and clean energy systems.

FluxJet will use all-electric linear induction motors, draw power from the grid, and employ magnetic levitation to move trains that will travel along vacuum tubes without drag or friction. As TransPod explains in a statement, they will be 25-meter-long trains, with capacity for a maximum of 54 passengers and 11 tons of cargo at a time.

“With technological advances in non-contact power transmission and a new field of physics called ‘surveillance flow,’ FluxJet travels on a protected track at 1,200 km/h, faster than a jet and three times faster than a train. high-speed”, indicate from the company. “Thus, it will not only work based on electricity, but it will use magnetism to avoid accidents.”

The company is also developing the associated infrastructure required by the train and is now preparing to start the next phase of the project, valued at 18,000 million US dollars, with the construction of the TransPodm line that will link the cities of Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta ( Canada).

The manufacturer indicates that its ultra-fast train will reduce costs and travel times, help the environment, generate up to 140,000 jobs and add C$19.2 billion to the region’s GDP during its construction.

According to the company, “once the TransPod Line is operational, it will cost approximately 44% less than a plane ticket and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 636,000 tons per year.”

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