Total Coat offers extreme Heavy Duty body coating for industrial and automotive use

Inspenet, February 27, 2023

The Total Coat company is the manufacturer in Mexico of the Total Coat body extreme Heavy Duty water-based polymeric plastic coating specially formulated for automotive and industrial use, as an exceptional material for anti-corrosion, anti-gravel protection, noise and vibration reduction.

Total Coat body extreme Heavy Duty, complies with the test standards ASTM B 117 (Saline Chamber), ASTM D1735 (Water Resistance), SAEJ400 (Gravel), SAE J2334 (Cyclic Corrosion Test) among others; which ensures excellent quality. There are part numbers from several OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer / Original Equipment Manufacturer) of vehicles and buses.

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This coating generates extraordinary adherence to various substrates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, wood and fiberglass. It is used on the underfloors of vehicles, pick-up beds and internal work areas of utility vehicles. It is also formulated for industrial use in corrosive environments. In agricultural use it has excellent resistance to fertilizers.

Total Coat body extreme Heavy Duty, is 100% free of solvents, non-flammable and non-toxic. Dry at room temperature. It is produced in black, gray and white color; and it is 100% paintable with any automotive paint system, once dry.

The product has a 1-year shelf life, stored indoors and without freezing. It is sold in 3 presentations: 1.3 kg bottle, 25 kg bucket and 260 kg drum.

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