Tinõco Anticorrosão presented its “star product” at LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, November 7, 2023.

Tinõco Anticorrosão present at LatinCORR 2023

The LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has been the setting for Tinõco Anticorrosão , a Brazilian company specialized in the protection of critical areas, to present its innovative products and solutions.

In an interview with the Inspenet team, Edemilson Da Silveira, who works as a paint inspector and technical assistant at the company, shared valuable information about the products it offers and its prospects for the future.

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He began by emphasizing that Tinõco Anticorrosão stands out in the market for its focus on the protection of critical areas and its use of “Safety Elastomer 2”, a 100% Brazilian, recyclable and ecological product that is mainly used in rotating infrastructures, interfaces, electrical asphalts and dissimilar materials, providing an effective solution for the prevention of corrosion and wear.

Tinõco Anticorrosão has a critical area protection segment in the market.

That was not all, as he also talked about the company’s “star product.” Edemilson highlighted the “Elastomer Security 2 Prime”, which is a variant of the “Elastomer Security 2” with a high-quality finish. This product has earned a prominent place in the market thanks to its effectiveness and durability .

Regarding Tinõco Anticorrosão ‘s objectives for 2024 and the coming years, Edmilson Da Silveira expressed his desire to continue growing, expand the brand, expand the area of ​​operations and attract new customers. The company is focused on consolidating its position in the market and continuing to provide advanced solutions in corrosion protection.

Tinõco Anticorrosão ‘s participation in LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 has been a valuable opportunity to showcase its products and establish contacts in the corrosion protection sector. The company is committed to continuing to innovate and offer effective solutions for its customers.

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