Tianjin Port works with Huawei Technologies to automate all its operations

Inspenet, January 23, 2023

The Port of Tianjin in north China is working to fully automate all port operations in a bid to deal with supply chain disruptions and labor shortages caused by the Covid virus, according to with a review by Bloomberg.

This port, seeks to develop a “digital twin” within three to five years, according to Yang Jiemin, vice president of the parent company, Tianjin Port Group Co. “All ports in the world must be smarter, greener and more efficient.” , he claimed.

The Tianjin port is currently working with Huawei Technologies Co. and other companies to address challenges facing the port sector, including how to make supply chains more resilient, Yang explained.

Huawei contributes to this initiative with its expertise in communication technologies, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. The company will install software and sensors in autonomous vehicles, provide wireless technology to guide vehicles on roads, and work with telecommunications companies to provide fast and reliable network connections, according to Huawei.

Source : https://mundomaritimo.cl/noticias/puerto-de-tianjin-busca-desarrollar-gemelo-digital-y-automatizar-todas-sus-operaciones

Photo: ShutterStock

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