This is Archax: the “transformer” robot that you can buy and drive

Inspenet, October 4, 2023.

This project, originated in Japan, encapsulates the essence of what is seen in series and movies. The most notable thing is that it offers two modes of operation, allowing both its piloting and its purchase.

Archax: the “transformer” robot

Archax, developed by Tsubame Industries, represents an outstanding achievement in technology, especially focusing on fields such as artificial intelligence and drones. It is a robot 4.5 meters high and weighing 3.5 tons made up of iron, cables, chips and configured in a system similar to that of a centaur.

Its structure is based on four support legs that support a robotic torso. These legs are articulated, but their mobility is achieved through a four-wheel system. Likewise, the upper area includes a cockpit for the pilot equipped with a system of four monitors that show the signal coming from cameras located outside.

Archax includes a cockpit for the pilot

From this cockpit, the operator can manage all the movements of the robot, from the position of the hands to the general posture of the robot. It is battery powered, so the internal interface will provide crucial information about the battery charge level to the pilot.

Another interesting feature is that the robot has two different modes . At first glance, there is no substantial difference between vehicle mode and robot mode, except that in vehicle mode, the distance between the front and rear legs is widened to improve aerodynamics and increase speed.

How much does Archax cost?

The creator of this robot, 25-year-old Ryo Yoshida, is offering this device for sale. However, the price reaches the impressive sum of 3 million dollars .

Despite its high cost, for robot fans it might even sound like a “tempting offer.” How many units will you be able to sell in the future?


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