They develop ‘aqueous’ batteries with an incredible energy storage capacity

Inspenet, April 10, 2023

Researchers at Texas A&M University, USA , are developing lithium-free, water-based batteries. In this device, the cathodes and anodes are polymers that can store energy, and the electrolyte is water mixed with organic salts.

With this alternative battery, they plan to address future lithium shortages, the researchers reported . The creators consider that, by choosing the electrolyte properly, they could increase the energy storage capacity of this device by up to 1,000%.

“There would no longer be battery fires, because it’s water-based,” explained Jodie Lutkenhaus, a professor of chemical engineering and co-author of the study published last week in Nature Materials .

“I think there is a 1,000% difference in energy storage capacity, depending on the choice of electrolyte, due to swelling effects,” he added.

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