They close the largest gas field in Europe (it left damage)

Inspenet, October 4, 2023.

The field is located in Groningen, Netherlands and has been exploited since 1963, but for more than two decades, the local community has experienced tremors caused by drilling activities, which have caused significant damage.

Implications for the community

The stoppage of the extraction of natural gas from the field (which is the largest field in Europe) took place last Sunday due to the earthquakes that have affected the inhabitants of the region and that could continue despite the cessation of operations.

However, 11 extraction facilities will remain in operation for another year in the event of a particularly harsh winter.

It is known that the process was already being gradually reduced, but in 2022, the authorities decided to postpone the closure due to uncertainty around energy supplies as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

While this deposit has been in production since 1963, for more than two decades the nearby community has experienced smaller scale tremors caused by drilling activities, resulting in considerable damage.

Many people in this province suffer psychological problems due to extraction ,” said Jan Wigboldus, president of the Groningen Gas Council, a local association that defends the interests of the affected population, according to the AFP news agency.

It should be noted that in that area the restoration or reconstruction of numerous homes has been required, following guidelines and regulations designed to resist the effects of earthquakes.

About gas extraction

This complex process involves the use of a variety of specialized equipment such as drills and advanced drilling equipment combined with the adoption of technologies, such as hydraulic fracturing or chemical treatment.

Although this activity can be an important source of energy, it can also have negative implications for nearby communities, as the noise and vibrations caused by drilling machinery can disturb the tranquility of surrounding areas.

Additionally, there is a risk of leaks that can contaminate groundwater and soil, which can have detrimental effects on human health and the environment.

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