These are the new maritime drones that will protect life in the oceans

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Inspenet, September 30, 2023.

The Saildrone company, recognized for its experience in the creation and manufacturing of maritime drones , has deployed multiple units in the waters near Massachusetts with the purpose of detecting the sounds emitted by North Atlantic right whales and other marine mammals. This initiative is crucial to collect a wide range of sound records that will be subsequently analyzed. The research pursues the objective of advancing the understanding of these animals, contributing to the development of a more precise theory about their behavior and characteristics.

How Saildrone maritime drones work

The two Saildrone units deployed in the ocean must use specially designed microphones to record the sounds emitted by groups of whales. Special equipment is required because these sounds are produced at very low frequencies.

The reason for the aforementioned deployment lies in the growing installation of offshore wind farms along the coast, structures that can directly affect the orientation of the whales. The ability to record these specific sounds will allow you to determine if a negative impact is being caused on various species in this ecosystem or if the concern is unfounded. However, the question arises about the experience of this company in ensuring accurate measurements entrusted to these two units.

It is important to highlight that this type of maritime drones have extensive experience in the aquatic environment. According to information provided on the Saildrone company website, the set of units has already traveled a total of one million nautical miles and has spent up to 25,000 days on the water. This demonstrates considerable browsing history.

These units are equipped with wind and solar energy systems that allow them to move autonomously, which constitutes a key distinguishing factor of this means of transportation specialized in research.

“This historic achievement represents an important step forward in our ability to study and protect whales and other marine mammals,” said Brian Hernacki, chief technology officer at Saildrone.

After collecting the data, a company expert in the application of artificial intelligence will be in charge of analyzing the sounds collected. Through a series of specialized tools, we will seek to identify the vocalizations emitted by the whales. This could help assess the potential impact that human activity is having on the daily lives of these animals.

Source and photo: that-protect-marine-life

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