The future of fracking is green: Eco2power and QM Equipment develop novel natural gas-powered frac pump

Inspenet, May 21, 2023

Eco2power and QM Equipment have completed the tests of their frac pump with a power of 5,000 HP powered by natural gas, a piece of equipment that could revolutionize fracking, which will soon arrive at the Vaca Muerta deposits to carry out tests on the bedrock.

The technicians from the firm from Mar del Plata carried out tests on the turbine and the pump separately, as well as testing the part of the electrical commands. The specialists project that the equipment will reduce the 200 million liters of diesel that are used per year in fracturing services in unconventional wells.

Another positive point is that it would reduce the amount of equipment in the fields since the amount of pumps required by the fracture sets would be reduced.

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A sustainable solution: Meet the pump that seeks to reduce diesel consumption in the fracking industry

The construction of this prototype began as a bet on the future. The firm from Mar del Plata is characterized by being one step ahead of market needs. An example of that vision is the development of a 3,000 HP bomb five years ago. Although no buyers were found, the company managed to sell six units. Currently, a frac set is being built with those pumps.

The 5,000 HP gas-powered frac pump is a new project for the hydrocarbon industry. “It is a relatively new development that still has its questions because it is not fully defined. There is no specific way to do it and we have a design that we hope will be good, but until we test it in the field we won’t know. We believe that it will work,” said Marcelo Guiscardo, a member of QM Equipment and president of the Mar del Plata Energy Cluster.

The project generates expectations and there are several companies interested in testing the prototype. “This started as a bet on the future. I call it the future of fracking, because once this system is consolidated, it will be very rare for diesel-powered equipment to be built again,” Guiscardo said.

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