The cargo ship Verity sank after colliding in the North Sea


Inspenet, October 26, 2023.

Last Tuesday, the British cargo ship Verity capsized in the North Sea after colliding in the early hours of the day. After the impact, two sailors who had been left adrift were rescued, although unfortunately the death of another crew member was confirmed.

The Verity collision!

The Verity, a coastal merchant ship with a length of 91 meters, was involved in a collision with the larger cargo ship Polesie at 5 a.m. in the German Bight, a shallow area in the southeastern North Sea, located about 12 nautical miles southwest of the island of Heligoland, in central Germany, according to the Maritime Emergency Command (CCME).

The Verity, a vessel built in 2001, was carrying a cargo of steel coils from the German port of Bremen bound for Immingham, located in the Humber Estuary in the United Kingdom.

The Verity sank as a result of the collision ,” announced CCME, based in the northern German port city of Cuxhaven.

A search team made up of nine ships and aircraft, including a German navy helicopter and a P&O cruise ship, spent the day exploring the waters off the northern coast of Germany in order to locate the missing crew members.

Towards the afternoon, the rescue team concluded that it was plausible that the four remaining crew members had been trapped inside the ship’s hull at the time of the collision and had unfortunately gone down with the vessel.

Shortly after finding the remains of the Verity, a diving operation was triggered; However, divers described conditions as dangerous and visibility as extremely reduced, despite being in relatively shallow water.

Given water conditions of approximately 12°C in the rescue zone, authorities at the scene noted that hypothermia could cause anyone in the water without adequate protection to lose consciousness within hours.

Conditions in the area on Tuesday morning were challenging but navigable, with waves up to 3 meters and winds reaching speeds of up to 50 km per hour. Visibility was reduced due to fog, although the circumstances of the collision are still unclear.

Recently, it was reported that German rescue teams decided to suspend the search for the four missing crew members.

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