The Earth receives a laser message thanks to the Psyche probe

sonda Psyche

Inspenet, November 24, 2023.

The Psyche probe is at a distant distance

For the first time, a message has been sent and received from an extraordinary distance thanks to NASA ‘s Psyche probe, which was located more than 16 million kilometers from the planet at the time the message was sent. This experiment marks a significant milestone in communication between spacecraft and Earth.

The technology used in this achievement is known as the Deep Space Optical Communications System (DSOC). The instrument used an encoded infrared laser to transmit precise information about the position of the Psyche probe. The signal was destined for a beacon located on the Hale Telescope, located at Caltech’s Palomar Observatory in California, United States.

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According to Trudy Kortes, director of Technology Demonstrations at NASA, this is an unprecedented milestone that will open the door to “higher speed communications through which to send scientific information, especially in the form of images and high-speed video transmissions.” definition”. In addition, he states that it will mean “a great advance for humanity in its goal of reaching Mars.”

Importantly, NASA’s Psyche probe gained notoriety by targeting the exploration of the asteroid that shares its name. This asteroid is estimated to contain minerals worth approximately $10,000 trillion, although it is impossible to determine the exact figure with certainty. For this reason, it is popularly known as “the golden asteroid.” It is notable that precise laser communication beyond Earth’s orbit has never before been achieved.

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