The CMP takes a big step towards decarbonization with its first hybrid ship

Inspenet, May 5, 2023

The Compañía Minera del Pacífico (CMP) has received its first hybrid fuel and natural gas vessel, the Mount Ita, in Puerto Guacolda II. This ship produces 43% less CO 2 emissions than traditional vessels thanks to its double power system, exceeding the expectations of the International Maritime Organization for the year 2030.

The Mount Ita is a bulk carrier motor ship that was launched at sea in 2023. On your first cargo trip, you will be transporting high-quality iron pellets, reducing the amount of materials and energy required for steel production. The arrival of this vessel to the mining company complies with the CMP strategy for sustainable and responsible mining with the marine ecosystem.

Present at the welcoming ceremony were the provincial presidential delegate of Huasco, Rodrigo Loyola; the mayor of Huasco, Genaro Briceño; the ministers of Mining, Carlos Ulloa, of Energy, Alberto González, and of Transportation, Carla Orrego; in addition to the port captain of Huasco, Benjamín Schmidt; the captain of Mount Ita, Marek Woznick, and members of the CMP executive committee, headed by the general manager, Francisco Carvajal.

1763 buque Mount Ita gas natural diesel 3

Mount Ita, CMP’s first hybrid vessel, reduces emissions by 43%

The general manager of CMP, Francisco Carvajal, emphasized that the use of this ship represents an important step in the company’s decarbonization path, since it reduces CO 2 emissions by 43%. Likewise, the implementation of renewable energies and more modern technologies are vital for the improvement of environmental regulations and the sustainable development of all productive activities in the country.

Along these lines, CMP is also focused on reducing the carbon footprint of its Huasco operations. To do this, it is carrying out the decarbonization of the pellet plant, the installation of a second electrostatic precipitator at the site and the consolidation of electromobility.

In addition, the company is implementing measures to minimize particulate matter emissions, such as the closure of cars and a train washing station in rail transport. It is also building the filtered tailings deposit, which will compact the rock resulting from the iron extraction process and house it in terraces that, in the future, will be covered with native vegetation thanks to a phytotechnology project.

The mayor of Huasco, Genaro Briceño, expressed his satisfaction with the initiative and highlighted the company’s responsibility in the implementation of renewable energies. For his part, the provincial presidential delegate of Huasco, Rodrigo Loyola, highlighted the importance of the CMP leading the environmental improvement processes for the sustainable development of mining and all productive activities in the country.

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CMP implements measures to minimize particulate matter emissions and reduce its carbon footprint

The arrival of Mount Ita is aligned with CMP’s strategy to reduce emissions in its operations, which in Huasco translates into the decarbonization of the Pellet Plant, which will gradually replace diesel with natural gas. Added to this is the installation of a second electrostatic precipitator at the site.

Likewise, the implementation of electromobility is being consolidated to reduce CO 2 , with electric shovels in the Los Colorados Mine and the introduction of a robust fleet of electric buses to transport the company’s workers.

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