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Sweden to lift ban on uranium mining

Inspenet, August 23, 2023.

Romina Pourmokhtari, a leading figure in the Swedish Ministry of Climate, announced her intention to lift the national restriction on uranium mining , thus paving the way for an expansion of nuclear power capacity. Of the same, he reported that there is a majority in the party that supports the elimination of this prohibition.

This is because the government has plans to build at least ten large-scale nuclear reactors in the next twenty years.

Earlier this year, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson revealed to the press that the government is in the process of “amending the legislation” in order to encourage greater investment in nuclear power in the country.

Currently, nuclear reactors in the country contribute about 40% of the country’s electricity generation .

In 1980, the government opted for a phase out of nuclear power. Three decades later, specifically in June 2010, Parliament made the decision to revoke this policy.

“The government intends to double electricity production in 20 years,” Pourmokhtari said.

About uranium mining in Sweden

It is important to highlight that Sweden owns 80% of the uranium reserves in the European Union and is currently engaged in the extraction of uranium as a by-product of the extraction of other metals.

Companies such as Vancouver-based Aura Energy and District Metals have expressed interest in developing uranium projects in the country. The Viken, Tåsjö, Ardnasvarre and Sågtjärn projects in the Swedish district contain uranium mineralization.

In relation to other essential minerals for the transition to zero emission technologies, Sweden is also believed to be home to the largest reserve of rare earths in Europe.

Source: https://www.mining.com/sweden-to-lift-ban-on-uranium-mining/

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