Sustainable mining in Canada: New Gold and Rio Tinto honored for their commitment to the community and the environment

Inspenet, May 4, 2023

The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) selected New Gold and Rio Tinto as the winning companies for the Excellence Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Awards at its CIM awards gala in Montreal. New Gold’s New Afton mine and Rio Tinto’s Diavik mine were recognized in particular for their focus on sustainability, community engagement and environmental stewardship.

The TSM program seeks to improve performance on a variety of social and environmental issues at the mine site. TSM’s performance assessment is based on a set of detailed environmental and social performance standards, including tailings management, climate change, water stewardship, indigenous and community relations, safety and health, conservation of biodiversity, crisis management and prevention of child and forced labor.

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New Gold (CNW Group/Mining Association of Canada (MAC))

The independent national community of interest advisory panel oversees the program, including representatives from indigenous communities, environmental, labor, financial organizations, local mining communities, social and religious organizations, and academics.

TSM is a constantly evolving program that introduces new protocols to meet societal expectations of what constitutes good practice. A new standard focused on equity, diversity and inclusion is expected to be published later this year.

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Standards of excellence in sustainable mining recognize New Gold and Rio Tinto

“We are proud that TSM, a Canadian-made standard, is now in the process of being implemented by 14 mining associations around the world, making it the most widespread ESG program of its kind,” said Pierre Gratton, president and CEO of MAC.

“We applaud the work done by this year’s Award of Excellence recipients as it shows the positive results that can be achieved when environmental stewardship and community engagement are prioritized,” added Gratton.

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Photos : Rio Tinto / New Gold

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