Still don’t know what the Broccoli Effect is in the industry? Oil expert Enrique Sandoval explains it to you in the Tech Talking Special Program

By: Dr. Franyi Sarmiento, PhD., Inspenet, March 17, 2022

The oil expert, Ing. Enrique Sandoval, vice president of Hocol, a subsidiary of Ecopetrol, is the protagonist of the special program Tech Talking; “The broccoli effect: Preventive maintenance of equipment and facilities in the Oil & Gas industry” that you can enjoy on our YouTube channel Inspenet.

Sandoval, who has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, offshore operations, deep waters, Midstream and commercial management, spoke about prevention mechanisms in all phases of a project, as well as the importance of preventive engineering and protection of life.

According to Sandoval, if children eat broccoli, the beneficial health effects are seen in adulthood. “This has a lot to do with what we do; because if we maintainers do things right, nothing happens, (…) maintenance, just like broccoli, is an absolutely essential activity, which, if one ignores or abandons, can cause damage, not immediately, but in mature age Sandoval explained.

“It is important that we understand how we generate value in our industry and what wrong decisions we made in the ’80s and at the end of the ’90s”, adds the expert.

In this special Tech Talking, Sandoval shares with the audience an elementary formula to generate value in the oil industry. To find out what it is about, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel Inspenet, at: and on the Inspenet TV channel: inspenet-tv/

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