Sponyat-Jet presented its ecological abrasive at IMCORRS 2023

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Inspenet, October 18, 2023.

Sponyat-Jet present at IMCORRS 2023

During the interview with Alejandro Arjona Ramírez, Commercial Manager of the leading anti-corrosion protection group Sponyat-Jet, the Inspenet team obtained details about its equipment, products and services, as well as the management of operations across the three lines. of business that make up the group: Sponyat-Jet, Drawer Y Remagsa.

We are very proud to be part of this event for the third consecutive year. We will continue here and we would like to continue here in 2024.”

Likewise, Arjona took advantage of the interview to present the Sponge-Jet system, cataloged by himself as “his star product”, which is an ecological, reusable, recyclable abrasive, and not harmful to personnel, noting that it is a very kind product that can work for wood, concrete, metals, even historical monuments.

This system is very much in line with what is coming, which is the clean industry, in which we would like to be pioneers .”

Likewise, he explained that the main objective is to protect what is most important: personnel, facilities and the environment.

He also made clear the fact that generating an anchor profile requires a special sponge and that there are sponges for each type of anchor profile or simply for polishing processes.

Regarding the company’s expectations for next year 2024, the representative explained that their desire is to continue growing as they have done throughout their 13 years of experience in the market.

We are implementing working in new industries, which are private industries, factories, etc.

Inspenet, your knowledge and professional projection platform, continues to cover all the details of the III Edition of IMCORRS 2023 to provide you with all the information related to trends and innovations related to the area of ​​corrosion, reliability and asset protection.

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