Speaker: Years ago I learned about the wonders of NACE, now AMPP

Inspenet, March 21, 2023

Inspenet exclusively interviewed Dr. Brendy Rincón Troconis, at the AMPP 2023 Conference and Exhibition , at the Denver Convention Center, USA, who commented on his impressions of this great event that brings together corrosion professionals.

The dr. Rincón Troconis, will give the lectures: “The effects of additive manufacturing on the hydrogen embrittlement of alloy 718”, “Environmentally assisted cracking and hydrogen embrittlement” and “Localized corrosion mechanisms”.

“For many years I learned about the wonders of NACE –now AMPP-, and it opened the doors for me in a huge way and now I am a professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio”, expressed Rincón. And she added: “Today I feel that I have found my professional dream, I always wanted to be a teacher and now with my students, my projects, and I really enjoy AMPP .”

Dr. Rincón Troconis hopes to continue meeting people who work in corrosion. “ AMPP brings together the best in this area and I want to continue collaborating, meeting more people, looking for more topics where I can contribute and help my society, my community. I would like to contribute my grain of sand and make a big impact.”

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Source and Photo : Inspenet

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