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South America Steps Up Efforts to Convert Lithium into Batteries

Inspenet, March 13, 2023

South American countries are intensifying their efforts to advance the electric vehicle supply chain, taking advantage of their enormous mineral wealth, expanding processing capacity and turning to making greener cars, according to Bloomberg reports.

Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Brazil plan to coordinate their actions to convert a greater amount of the lithium extracted in the region into chemical products for batteries and their subsequent manufacture. They are also investigating the development of electric vehicles, according to the Argentine mining undersecretary, Fernanda Ávila.

This momentum in the main producing regions of South America reflects the global trend for resource-rich countries to shift away from merely supplying raw materials to higher value-added activities that drive growth, raise revenues and get the most out of their resources. resources.

In Asia, raw materials powerhouse Indonesia has laid out its ambition to become a global hub for batteries for electric vehicles as demand for greener transport soars.

“We have to prepare for what is to come and be able to adapt, starting perhaps with cells, moving towards industrialization and reaching batteries,” Avila said in an interview from Toronto, where he is part of the Argentine delegation participating at the PDAC annual convention.

The so-called lithium triangle, made up of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, accounts for more than half of the world’s lithium supply resources, and both Brazil and Argentina have experience in car manufacturing. That could be the basis for a regional electromobility platform.

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