They propose a solution to corrosion problems in biogas plants

plantas de biogás

Inspenet, November 26, 2023.

The corrosion generated by production in biogas plants affects the walls of the tanks, manholes, structures and other elements of these facilities, which can negatively affect their useful life and long-term value.

Stainless steel, although resistant to chloride attack, requires manganese enrichment and the use of 316/duplex/Superduplex series, which have a high cost. On the other hand, enameled steel is protected by thick layers of enamel, but caution must be taken with the thickness to avoid the formation of bubbles and porosity that, in the medium term, could affect the tank, especially in the joint areas, weakening connections in a potentially dangerous manner.

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Likewise, the reinforced concrete is protected by dense concrete coatings applied to the corrugated steel structure, along with layers of epoxy resins in the most critical areas.

The solution to corrosion in biogas plants

In this context, the latest tanks made of infused fiberglass reinforced polyester from Toro Equipment stand out by offering a useful life that exceeds 50 years in biogas treatment plants .

This technology makes it possible to create materials with significant tensile strength, reducing warping. The resulting laminate is mechanically optimal, lightweight and easy to assemble.

Thanks to the properties of polyester reinforced with fiberglass, these tanks have a durability that exceeds 50 years, protected against ultraviolet rays and manufactured with isophthalic and vinyl ester resins with high thermal stability.

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