Solek started the construction of a new photovoltaic project in Chile

Inspenet, January 18, 2023

The company Solek began the construction of its new photovoltaic solar park ‘El Ingenio’, on a 15-hectare plot of land in the commune of La Ligua, Valparaíso, Chile. The park will have an installed capacity of 9.8 MW and will have 2 substations, 18,144 solar panels and 36 inverters, with an approximate investment of 10 million dollars.

This new project developed by Solek, a Czech energy company, is part of the Small Distributed Generation Media (PMGD) network, which the company has installed throughout the national territory. The electricity generated from solar energy will be transferred to the National Electric System (SEN) through a 23 kV connection point, connected to the CGE La Ligua feeder.

The construction of this new solar park is a challenge for its executors, since the land has a high presence of rocks and is located in a sector where it is not possible to use water in any of the construction stages, due to water scarcity. .

In this regard, Alejandro Ibarra, Solek’s site manager, indicated that “despite the location of this new photovoltaic project, we continue to face the logistical difficulties and the terrain itself, since we are going to deliver clean energy to the rural communities of the area and provide stability to the electrical network”, highlighted the executive.

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