University proposes solar powered truck model

The truck can operate in temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius, offering a mobile solution to the shortage of cold storage in urban environments such as Hong Kong.
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Universidad propone un modelo de camión alimentado con energía solar

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), led by Professor Eric Cheng, has obtained significant financial backing from the government for its project“Development of Smart Refrigerated Trucks – Energy, Solar and Intelligence Method for Logistics and Warehousing“. This project seeks to upgrade traditional refrigerated trucks to sustainable and efficient electric systems, using solar energy. solar energy and shared storage technology.

In collaboration with Sunlight Eco-tech Limited, Advanced Sunlight Pty Limited of Australia and the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services, PolyU has successfully developed an advanced solar-powered refrigerated truck. This development is crucial, considering that Hong Kong currently has 5,000 refrigerated trucks and this figure is expected to double in the coming years.

How is this solar powered truck different?

Conventional refrigerated trucks, which rely on internal combustion engines, generate large amounts of carbon emissions and noise. In contrast, PolyU’s solar truck offers a cleaner solution, capable of maintaining temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius thanks to its solar photovoltaic panels. photovoltaic solar panels and integrated lithium-ion batteries. This not only reduces emissions, but also allows continuous operation of the cooling system without the need to keep the engine running constantly.

The truck can also recharge its battery by means of solar panels and can be connected to charging stations. charging stations to standard charging stations for electric vehicles, extending its autonomy and functionality. In addition, its ability to share energy with other vehicles of the same type and its intelligent energy management system optimize its performance and durability.

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Source and photo: polyU

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