Origami solar panels: an innovative and efficient creation

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Inspenet, August 21, 2023.

The Italian company Levante presents a new offer of portable origami solar panels that have performance comparable to rigid panels. These modules are available in two variants: one of 330 W and another of 500 W.

The Levante panels weigh 9 kg and are equipped with monocrystalline silicon cells , reaching a conversion efficiency of 23.4%. Additionally, each module comes with its own junction box with MC4 cables.

As reported on its website , Levante’s origami panel is 20% lighter and 10% more compact than conventional solar panels. Likewise, it is 40% more compact than other folding alternatives. The Levante solar panel is completely Italian-made and its technology has been patented.

When unfolded, its dimensions are 180 cm x 165 cm x 2 cm . In the folded state, the structure remains rigid and its measurements are 119 cm x 40 cm x 5 cm . This product has been developed in collaboration with two sailing experts who are involved in the Sailing Uma project.

According to the Italian company, origami solar panels surpass conventional panels in several aspects, being 20% ​​lighter and 10% more compact . They also outperform other folding panels , boasting about a 40% increase in compactness.

Origami solar panels: details and specifications

The 330 W Origami solar panels are divided into two sections that can be interconnected in series or in parallel, generating different powers. When connected in series, they reach a maximum voltage of 73 V and a maximum current of 4.8 A. The open circuit voltage reaches 84.4 V, with a short circuit current of 5.1 A.

In the case of parallel connection, the panels achieve a maximum voltage of 36.5 V and a maximum current of 9.7 A. The open circuit voltage is 42.2 V and the short circuit current is 10.2 TO.

The distribution of the panels is scheduled to take place in November through Kickstarter and in December through Indiegogo. The Kickstarter campaign has already received support from 77 backers, who have contributed a total of 85,244 euros (equivalent to $93,290).

The 330W panels are currently available on Indiegogo for €1,112 , while the larger 500W ones can be purchased for €1,575 .

Each set includes the panels themselves, plus adjustable telescoping arms for optimal placement, 3 meter MC4 cables, and protective bags for storage. Neither a solar charge controller nor batteries are included in the package.

Source: https://es.italy24.press/technology/785518.html

Photo: https://www.levante.eco/

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