He paid a million dollar bail! Ship that spilled oil in Gibraltar goes free

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Inspenet, August 11, 2023.

Ship that spilled oil in Gibraltar goes free

The Gibraltar maritime authority has confirmed that the Gas Venus, the ship that spilled crude oil on August 1 in the Bay of Algeciras, has been released after posting a bail of 1.5 million pounds sterling in cash .

Gibraltar Government sources informed efe that the immobilization order was lifted under the supervision of the Harbor Master after the Gibraltar Port Authority received the bond, which guarantees coverage of the costs associated with the response and clean-up operations of the oil spill.

The ship’s departure from Gibraltar will not affect the ongoing investigation, as all the necessary evidence has already been collected.

Cleanup efforts continue to focus on the Rosia Bay area and are progressing at a satisfactory rate.

Last week, the ship caused a spill during an intership fuel transfer in the bay, releasing between 1,000 and 2,000 liters of oil into the sea.

The captain of the ship was arrested and is under investigation for a possible crime of pollution.

Source: https://www.eldebate.com/sociedad/20230810/barco-provoco-vertido-gibraltar-queda-libre-pagar-1-5-millones-libras_133466.html

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