Shell dives into deep water with the help of AI for oil exploration

Inspenet, May 18, 2023

The company Shell , in alliance with SparkCognition , will enter the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost oil production through exploration and production in deep waters.

SparkCognition will provide various tools from the world of AI, such as algorithms, which will carry out the work of seismic data analysis, to be applied in the search processes for new deposits for Shell, published World Energy Trade.

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SparkCognition AI streamlines reservoir search for Shell

Bruce Porter, chief scientific officer of SparkCognition, noted that “this technology would generate images of the subsurface using fewer sweeps of seismic data than usual, which would help deep-sea conservation.”

“Generative AI for seismic imaging can positively disrupt the exploration process and has far-reaching and broad implications,” Porter said.

New tools from the AI world will generate images using seismic data scanners. The new process will help conserve species in the deep sea. Likewise, the use of seismic technology will help the exploration of underground spaces.

“The goal is to improve operational efficiency and speed, and increase production and exploration success. The new process can shorten scans from nine months to less than nine days,” the companies said.

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