Sharp introduces stunning all-black solar panel


Inspenet, September 16, 2023.

Sharp has launched its latest addition to its mid-cut solar panel range, the NU-JC420B, a 420W TOPCon n-type monocrystalline photovoltaic panel with an all-black finish to its backsheet and frame.

This solar panel has been specifically designed for use on home roofs as well as commercial installations and small businesses. It stands out for its lightness, compact size and high flexibility in terms of assembly, which facilitates its handling, installation and perfect integration into systems.

This innovative module features an efficiency of 21.51% and its exceptionally low temperature coefficient offers improved performance, especially under high temperature conditions, a critical aspect amid climate change and its global warming effects.

Sharp thought of all the details

This new model uses split cells of M10 wafers and takes advantage of 16 busbar technology with round ribbons, which increases power production per cell and decreases vulnerability to microcracks, thus strengthening the reliability of the modules.

In addition, its design reduces heat transfer to the cells, improving both the useful life of the panels and the overall performance of the system.

This creation includes the original MC4 connector, ensuring its compatibility with the majority of inverters and optimization and mounting systems available.

It should be noted that the safety, quality and durability of the panel have been validated through IEC certifications (IEC61215 and IEC61730). The modules have been extensively tested in accordance with international standards and have proven their ability to withstand extreme conditions, including ammonia tests, salt spray exposure, sand and have proven to be resistant to the PID effect. In addition, it has successfully passed fire reaction tests.

Specifications, installation and handling

With average dimensions of 1722 x 1134 mm and a frame profile of 30 mm, this module weighs 20.7 Kg. These specifications make it the optimal choice for easy installation on small to medium scale roofs in residential, commercial and industrial environments, ensuring seamless system integration.

Its versatility in terms of different mounting methods simplifies the placement process, thus reducing investment costs and system balance.

The NU-JC420B module is backed by a Sharp product warranty that provides 25-year coverage for end users in the European Union (and 15 years in the Middle East and Africa) and a 25-year performance warranty with a minimum of 85% in the twenty-fifth year.

Andrew Lee, Commercial Director EMEA at Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, commented: “By introducing this new black frame split cell panel, we have expanded our product range to offer a module designed for simple small to medium scale rooftop installations in residential, commercial and industrial environments, without compromising performance or reliability. We are proud to highlight that, in addition to successfully passing the reaction to fire test according to the EN13501 standard, our panel is also MCS certified, confirming its compatibility with high-quality, low-carbon energy standards.


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