Russia’s Nord Stream AG temporarily suspends gas deliveries to Europe

By: Franyi Sarmiento, Ph.D., Inspenet, July 11, 2022

Nord Stream AG temporarily suspended gas supplies from Russia to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline as of today due to scheduled annual preventive maintenance operations.

“Its two pipelines will be deactivated from July 11 through July 21. During this period, mechanical components and automation systems will be tested to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of the pipeline,” Russian gas giant Gazprom said.

The entity’s communiqué published on its website states that since July 1 they have notified that “the schedule and plan of the works were agreed in advance with Nord Stream AG’s partners in gas transportation”.

He also added that for the duration of the pipeline work, the only way to provide Russian gas to Western and Central European countries is via a transit pipeline through Ukraine.

However, Gazprom detailed that the Ukrainian side has lately confirmed demands through this route in the amount of only about 40 million cubic meters per day, a figure which in its opinion does not complete the region’s demand.

“On July 10 and up to the moment when the supply was cut off early this morning, the pumping of Russian gas was approximately 63.4 million cubic meters, a similar amount to that of previous days, this figure is equivalent to about 40 percent of the maximum capacity of the pipeline, which is almost 170 million cubic meters per day,” the Russian hydrocarbons agency said in a statement.

This material from Prensa Latina was edited for clarity, style and length.