Kraken Robotics robots to be used in offshore wind farm project

Kraken Robotics

Inspenet, November 8, 2023.

Kraken Robotics has been awarded a $3 million contract to carry out underwater exploration services for rock detection in the context of an offshore wind farm project in Europe . The study campaign will be carried out during the last months of this year and will use Kraken’s Acoustic Corer technology.

This technology will allow obtaining high-resolution 3D images of a total of 24 underwater cores. These cores will be strategically placed to maximize coverage in the locations where the project foundations will be installed.

Likewise, the scope of the Kraken contract covers the mobilization of a dedicated research vessel, the implementation of specialized equipment to investigate the subsurface and the provision of personnel to provide design engineering support and mitigate risks in the installation of the two substations. offshore project.

“Kraken is proud to participate in this important renewable energy project, which further reinforces the growing demand for our expert subsea bottom survey capabilities to provide valuable insights and highly specialized technologies to support the energy transition,” said Greg Reid, President and boss of Kraken. Executive officer.

It is important to highlight that in May, Kraken Robotics received a purchase order for a total of 16 million dollars in underwater batteries that will be delivered in the remainder of the year and next.

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