More and more realistic! Humanoid robots wowed audiences at the 2023 World Robot Conference

Robots humanoides

Inspenet, August 22, 2023.

The World Robot Conference 2023, taking place this August at the Beiren Etrong International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing, China, is showcasing attention-grabbing humanoid robots at this event packed with innovation and futuristic vision.

The prominent international event known as the World Robot Conference brings together creative minds and presents amazing humanoid automata that never cease to amaze attendees.

This conference is dedicated to presenting the most cutting-edge achievements and the latest exhibitions of the robotics industry. In addition to the robot expo, the 2023 World Robot Competition is underway, featuring four main events: Comprehensive Robot Challenge, Brain Controlled Robot (BCI) Competition, Robotic Application Competition, and the youth robot design competition .

Until today, the Chinese capital will host this event that aims to foster exchange and collaboration in the global robotics industry.

More than 160 robotics companies from both China and other nations such as Germany and the United States have hosted approximately 600 exhibitions covering ten robot-related application areas. These sectors include manufacturing, agriculture, health, healthcare, and senior services.

Increasingly realistic humanoid robots

The exhibit highlights human-like robots whose purpose is to interact with the public and provide assistance with everyday tasks.

In several of the exhibition areas, androids and automatons can be seen that manage to imitate almost human facial expressions , an aspect that has left visitors stunned.

In addition, these machines are surprising for their hyper-realistic appearance , which reflects the remarkable technological advances in the creation of this type of robot.

In the same way, during the course of the event, the Development Report of the Industry and Technology of Robots in China 2023 will be presented, as well as the “Star of Investment and Creation” of the World Robot Conference 2023, the ten achievements leaders in technological innovation of the World Robot Competition 2023 and the policies associated with the development of the robot industry.

Xier, a research and development engineer at Ex Robot, notes that haptic technology has made it possible for humanoids to more naturally express micro-expressions, such as happiness or sadness.

“Thanks to our latest generation of supermotors, our robots can unify control of each of their joints, so their movements are very natural, including their skin,” he said.

In addition, he added: “We present advances in haptic mission that can more naturally display micro-expressions such as happiness, anger, sadness and other types of gestures that can be used for emotional interaction.”



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